News24.com | Dad stabbed to death as daughter sits in lap at restaurant
21st Apr 2018 09:04
A homeless man has been charged with murder in the death of a California father who was stabbed in the neck as his 5-year-old daughter sat in his lap in a crowded beachside steakhouse.
News24.com | North Korea's Kim promises no more nuclear or missile tests
21st Apr 2018 08:04
Pyongyang's declaration, long sought by Washington, will be seen as a crucial step in the fast diplomatic dance on and around the Korean peninsula.
News24.com | Western powers amend UN draft resolution on Syria
21st Apr 2018 07:04
The original draft, which failed to get the support of Russia, expressed outrage and condemnation of the April 7 chemical attack in the town of Douma, where more than 40 people were killed.
News24.com | Shooting at Florida school as students stage walkout
20th Apr 2018 11:04
The Sheriff's Office for Marion County said the suspect was in custody following the early morning shooting at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida.
News24.com | Mourners lining up to pay final respects to Barbara Bush
20th Apr 2018 10:04
Mourners are paying their final respects to former first lady Barbara Bush.
News24.com | Two killed as more protests, clashes erupt on Gaza border
20th Apr 2018 10:04
Gazans also flew dozens of kites near the border fence, in some cases carrying Molotov cocktails and one with a swastika painted on it, in a new tactic that sparked at least two small fires in Israeli territory this week.
News24.com | Police raid French university as anti-Macron protests flag
20th Apr 2018 10:04
Around 100 officers took part in the dawn raid on the 22-storey tower block dominating the Tolbiac campus, one of several French faculties occupied in an echo of the momentous student-led protests of May 1968.
News24.com | Western air strikes in Syria illegal - German parliament experts
20th Apr 2018 09:04
The air strikes unleashed in Syria by Western allies in mid-April were a violation of international law, jurists at the German parliament said in a report.
News24.com | Mom: Preschool's ban of the term 'best friend' is silly
20th Apr 2018 09:04
A Massachusetts family is looking for a new preschool for their 4-year-old daughter because her current school has barred use of the term "best friend".
News24.com | US couple gives 14th son creative middle name
20th Apr 2018 08:04
A US couple had a little bit of fun naming their 14th son.
News24.com | Court bans alcohol at neo-Nazi rock festival in Germany
20th Apr 2018 08:04
A court has banned the consumption of alcohol at a planned neo-Nazi concert in eastern Germany to prevent an outbreak of violence
News24.com | Trump says midterms are 'choice' for country on taxes
20th Apr 2018 07:04
President Donald Trump says the November elections are "a choice" for the country between Republicans who want to protect their signature tax cut law and Democrats he says "want to end them and raise your taxes substantially".
News24.com | Reward doubled to $20k after nearly 320kg of dynamite stolen
20th Apr 2018 07:04
Federal authorities have doubled the reward to $20 000 for information on the theft of hundreds of explosives from a worksite in Pennsylvania.
News24.com | Fiery kites adopted as new tactic by Gaza protesters
20th Apr 2018 06:04
Gazans are hoping to send dozens of kites over the fence, including some carrying notes telling Israelis "there is no place for you in Palestine".
News24.com | HRW denounces eviction of Syria refugees in Lebanon
20th Apr 2018 06:04
Human Rights Watch has criticised Lebanese municipalities for what it called the unjustifiable expulsion of hundreds of Syrians from their homes since 2016, as sentiment against refugees simmers.
News24.com | In Comey memos, Trump talks of jailed journalists, 'hookers'
20th Apr 2018 05:04
US President Donald Trump talked with former FBI director he had concerns about his security adviser's judgment.
News24.com | UK envoy: Russia and Syria must let inspectors visit Douma
20th Apr 2018 04:04
Britain's UN ambassador says the Russians and Syrians must uphold their promises to let chemical weapons inspectors visit the site of a suspected poison gas attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma.
News24.com | Koreas set up hotline between leaders ahead of summit
20th Apr 2018 03:04
North and South Korea have installed a telephone hotline between their leaders as they prepare for a rare summit next week aimed at resolving the nuclear standoff with Pyongyang.
News24.com | Public viewing of former first US lady Barbara Bush to begin
20th Apr 2018 02:04
As the outpouring of tributes continues for Barbara Bush, the general public can pay its respects to the former first lady at a viewing.
News24.com | US police chief apologises after Starbucks arrests uproar
20th Apr 2018 02:04
After the coffee chain moved to repair the damage to its image in the wake of a series of protests at Starbucks outlets, the city's police commissioner Richard Ross told reporters his force also needed to do better.