News24.com | 'Rocket Man' to 'Terrific': Trump lauds Kim in UN return
24th Sep 2018 10:09
President Donald Trump is raising hopes at the United Nations on Monday that a second meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un could occur "quite soon".
News24.com | Trump says he expects second North Korea summit 'quite soon'
24th Sep 2018 06:09
US President Donald Trump said Monday he expected to meet again soon with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying he saw "tremendous progress" in easing tensions.
News24.com | Indonesia teen rescued after 49 days adrift at sea
24th Sep 2018 02:09
An Indonesian teenager survived seven weeks adrift at sea after his tiny fishing trap lost its moorings and ended up some 2 500km away in waters near the Pacific island of Guam, his family said Monday.
News24.com | Google looking to future after 20 years of search
24th Sep 2018 01:09
Google celebrated its 20th birthday, marking two decades in which it has grown from simply a better way to explore the internet to a search engine so woven into daily life its name has become a verb.
News24.com | 3D gun advocate accused of sex with minor is jailed in US
24th Sep 2018 11:09
Authorities say the owner of a Texas company that sells plans to make untraceable 3-D printed guns is back in the US after being arrested in Taiwan.
News24.com | WATCH: Couple have double wedding - with their pet rabbits
24th Sep 2018 10:09
Art teacher Emma Zucker and photographer Ben have tied the knot with a lavish double wedding – alongside her two rabbits, who met speed dating.
News24.com | 2 militant groups reject demilitarised zone in Syria
24th Sep 2018 08:09
Two insurgent groups have rejected a deal reached this month between Russia and Turkey to establish a demilitarised zone in Syria's Idlib region with one saying the agreement aims to "bury the revolution".
News24.com | Side effect of trafficking law: More street prostitution?
24th Sep 2018 08:09
Recent crackdowns on online sex trafficking may also be putting escorts back into street prostitution.
News24.com | Maldives opposition leader wins upset poll victory : official result
23rd Sep 2018 10:09
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has won an upset victory in the Maldives' presidential election, official results showed.
News24.com | WATCH: 5 giant storms that have caused chaos around the world
23rd Sep 2018 08:09
This month has been beset by stormy weather, from the US to the Philippines to Japan. See some of the storms that have swept the globe.
News24.com | At UN, unrepentant Trump set to rattle foes, friends alike
23rd Sep 2018 08:09
President Donald Trump is poised to redouble his commitment to "America First" on the most global of stages this week.
News24.com | Swiss region overwhelmingly votes for 'burqa ban'
23rd Sep 2018 08:09
A second Swiss canton will introduce a regional "burqa ban", after voters in St. Gallen overwhelmingly voted on Sunday to prohibit all face-covering garments in public spaces.
News24.com | WATCH: Aerial and ground footage shows ruins left in wake of destructive tornado in Ottawa
23rd Sep 2018 06:09
Buildings lie in ruins, trees torn from the ground, and homes and businesses destroyed after a powerful tornado tore into parts of Ottawa in Canada.
News24.com | Macron's popularity at record lows
23rd Sep 2018 05:09
The popularity of French President Emmanuel Macron has hit its lowest level since the start of his term, according to a major tracker poll published on Sunday, with just 29% of respondents satisfied with his leadership.
News24.com | Maria's death toll climbed long after rain stopped
23rd Sep 2018 03:09
After Hurricane Maria, hundreds of Puerto Ricans with treatable ailments like bedsores and kidney problems died agonising deaths after going without proper medical care.
News24.com | German government seeks to end standoff over spy chief
23rd Sep 2018 02:09
Leaders of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's governing coalition are trying to resolve a standoff over the future of the country's domestic intelligence chief and stabilize their six-month-old alliance.
News24.com | Swiss-flagged cargo ship attacked off Nigeria, 12 kidnapped
23rd Sep 2018 01:09
A Swiss shipping company says that a bulk carrier has been attacked by pirates off the coast of Nigeria and 12 of its 19 crew members have been kidnapped.
News24.com | Spain rescues over 440 migrants from Mediterranean Sea
23rd Sep 2018 01:09
Spain's maritime rescue service says it has saved over 400 migrants attempting the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea.
News24.com | Israel gives West Bank village Oct 1 demolition deadline
23rd Sep 2018 01:09
The Israeli military has informed residents of a West Bank hamlet that they have until Oct. 1 to leave before their homes face demolition
News24.com | Australian filmmaker's family 'overwhelmed' after Cambodia pardon
23rd Sep 2018 11:09
The family of an Australian filmmaker who received a royal pardon from Cambodia said on Sunday they were "overwhelmed with happiness" ahead of his return to Sydney.