Fin24.com | Nintendo's $30bn rally now depends on cardboard pianos
20th Apr 2018 08:04
Returning to its 1889 roots as a successful manufacturer of 'hanafuda', Japanese playing cards made out of stiff paper, Nintendo is now embracing the same materials for its new trick.
Fin24.com | Tech rally boosts US stocks, Netflix surges
18th Apr 2018 01:04
Wall Street stocks have powered higher on strong corporate earnings, with a blowout report from Netflix igniting a rally in technology shares.
Fin24.com | Facebook is forming a team to design its own chips
19th Apr 2018 05:04
By doing so the social media giant is adding to a trend among technology companies to supply themselves and lower their dependence on chipmakers such as Intel and Qualcomm.
Fin24.com | US and UK issue joint alert warning of Russian cyber attacks
17th Apr 2018 06:04
Russia is using compromised computer network equipment to attack US and British companies and government agencies, the two countries have warned in an unprecedented joint alert.
Fin24.com | Most of divisive Facebook ads paid for by 'suspicious' groups
16th Apr 2018 04:04
More than half of the sponsors of ads on Facebook that featured divisive political messages ahead of the 2016 presidential election have little or no public paper trails, a study shows.
Fin24.com | A female engineer’s fight for equal pay at Google
15th Apr 2018 02:04
“I think I just didn’t want to believe that Google could be evil,” says Kelly Ellis who is heading a lawsuit against the tech behemoth over alleged gender pay discrimination.
Fin24.com | Survé tried to score PIC billions
15th Apr 2018 08:04
The investment by state pensions would have bought the tycoon a second multibillion-rand long shot.
Fin24.com | #ZuckerBowl without a clear winner as Facebook hearings end
14th Apr 2018 04:04
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg emerged largely unscathed Wednesday from two days of high-stakes hearings.
Fin24.com | Altron expects profit boost from restructuring
12th Apr 2018 04:04
Information Technology firm Altron expects its financial results due out next month to differ by 20%, due to the restructuring of the business.
Fin24.com | Google releases new Africa app to beat sluggish internet speeds
12th Apr 2018 05:04
Google is releasing an app in Africa that will help internet users overcome obstacles such as the lack of high-speed connectivity and the cost of data on the continent.
Fin24.com | How Zuckerberg planned to rebut questions about Facebook breakup
11th Apr 2018 07:04
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had been prepared to cite competition with China if asked whether the social-media giant should be broken up, according to a photograph of internal notes.
Fin24.com | D-Day for share placement in 'super-galactic highway' Sagarmatha
11th Apr 2018 06:04
Sagarmatha Technologies, the parent company that is aiming to corral the assets of Iqbal Surve’s Independent Media empire, is set to announce the results of its share placement.
Fin24.com | MTN Nigeria expects to list by year-end
11th Apr 2018 06:04
MTN expects the listing of its Nigerian unit on the Lagos stock exchange to be done by the end of 2018, its CEO has said, after suggesting in November that the process would be concluded by mid-year.
Fin24.com | Bitcoin has probably peaked - Barclays analysts
10th Apr 2018 05:04
Likening Bitcoin to a disease, Barclays analysts who have developed a pricing model for the cryptocurrency, say it has probably peaked.
Fin24.com | Zuckerberg hearings presage end of `move fast, break things' era
10th Apr 2018 02:04
Mark Zuckerberg has a well-worn strategy for fixing Facebook flaws. The company launches products, people complain, and then it decides if there’s anything it should change once the furore gets loud enough, writes Bloomberg's Sarah Frier.
Fin24.com | Facebook investigating every app - Zuckerberg
10th Apr 2018 12:04
CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook hasn't done enough to prevent its tools from being used for harm, and says "thousands of people" will be hired to ensure it isn't exploited in future.
Fin24.com | Bots, good or bad, dominate Twitter conversation - study
10th Apr 2018 06:04
Automated accounts or "bots" play a big role in disseminating information on Twitter, accounting for two-thirds of tweets linking to popular websites, a study has shown.
Fin24.com | Facebook problems ‘my mistake’ - Zuckerberg
9th Apr 2018 09:04
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in prepared testimony for the US House of Representatives, says all of Facebook’s problems are his mistake.
Fin24.com | Up to 60 000 SA users affected by Facebook data leak
9th Apr 2018 11:04
Personal data of about 60 000 SA Facebook users may have been shared with controversial political data firm Cambridge Analytica, after friends of theirs installed a personality quiz app in 2013.
Fin24.com | Facebook suspends data firm in wake of privacy scandal
9th Apr 2018 05:04
The social media giant has suspended another data firm after allegations surfaced that it may have improperly handled users’ information.